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Posted by isoeasy on May 18, 2006

DMAIC refers to a data-driven quality strategy for improving processes, and is an integral part of the company's Six Sigma Quality Initiative. DMAIC is an acronym for five interconnected phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

Each step in the cyclical DMAIC Process is required to ensure the best possible results. The process steps:

1. Define formally define the process improvement goals that are consistent with customer demands and enterprise strategy.

> Define who customers are, what their requirements are for products and services, and what their expectations are
> Define project boundaries ­ the stop and start of the process
> Define the process to be improved by mapping the process flow

2. Measure to define baseline measurements on current process for future comparison. Map and measure process in question and collect required process data.

> Develop a data collection plan for the process
> Collect data from many sources to determine types of defects and metrics
> Compare to customer survey results to determine shortfall

3. Analyze to verify relationship and causality of factors. What is the relationship? Are there other factors that have not been considered?

> Identify gaps between current performance and goal performance
> Prioritize opportunities to improve
> Identify sources of variation

4. Improve optimize the process based upon the analysis using techniques like Design of Experiments.

> Create innovate solutions using technology and discipline
> Develop and deploy implementation plan

5. Control setup pilot runs to establish process capability, transition to production and thereafter continuously measure the process and institute control mechanisms to ensure that variances are corrected before they result in defects.

> Prevent reverting back to the "old way"
> Require the development, documentation and implementation of an ongoing monitoring plan
> Institutionalize the improvements through the modification of systems and structures (staffing, training, incentives).


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  1. Eyotha said

    I like your definition about DMAIC, its very useful to me. But I need DMADV definition also same as this.

  2. Freddie Redifer…

    […]DMAIC « Management Systems Inc[…]…

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